Handmade Has to be Better?

What is it with the assumption that handmade is automatically better? So often in media and in general conversation I get the feeling that people think that because something is handmade it is more durable or tasty then something that is mass produced. I understand the superiority of custom made products such as a dining set, tailored clothes or a custom paint job.

People also seem to think that any problems with these handmade items are part of the cost of handmaking. Why is this bullcrap believed, if you can't make something as durable and tightly put together as a production line then it isn't worth buying. If you can make something more durable than a production line then yes you can charge a premium, not just because it's 'handmade.'

Oh, and I think it's a bit of a laugh to see many so called handmade items produced in a slower production line with big machining tools. The line may be many seperate stages and seperated by quite a distance but that'd be the same as calling the latest military warship handmade. Which I can agree with if the person arguing it uses that definition.

So I don't mind and even like 'handmade' items but only when they're more durable, useful and put together more tightly than an equivalent factory production line item.