Who am I?

Hi there folks, I'm James Sullivan. The flightless geek from down here in Wellington, New Zealand.

I'm currently a software developer with most of my experience esiding in and around Microsoft's .NET stack but I continue to play around with various other languages and tools. My passion for technology and science stems from a desire to use knowledge and automation as tools to improve the lives of not only ourselves but of everyone on this blue marble of ours.

o achieve this aim I will continue to learn what I can about the world around me and use it to make things better. Every little bit helps. Part of this is by recording and publishing interesting and useful things I come across which I do right here.

So please read and enjoy. With any luck you might find something useful here and make your own life better in some little way.

And as always feel free to contact me at James@TheFlightlessGeek.co.nz or grab a copy of my CV from here


Contact Details


+64 21 775 112

njoying a break at Kiwicon 2012.

njoying a break at Kiwicon 2012.