My First Mac

Well I decided I needed a new laptop to replace the one I've had for about two and a half years. So seeing all the stuff for the past few years about how awesome Mac's are I decided to splash out and get a 13" 2.26GHz Macbook Pro.



  • Very nice body construction. The aluminium unibody is one of the major things that drew me in.
  • Multi touch touchpad. The two finger tap for right click is nice.
  • Battery life. Compare to the 2 hours at best for my old laptop the 6+ hours is great.
  • The little LEDs and button on the side for displaying battery level. Very nice user experiance touch.


  • No lights displaying hard disk access. Not a big thing but I found it nice knowing if the hard drive was tharshing itself to bits.
  • No fullscreen on Firefox. Silly Apple for having a usability practice of disallowing this. 
  • Getting used to how Apple uses the taskbar. Or in their case, the Dock. I'll get used to it but it's quite different to how the *nix distros and Windows do it.
  • Lack of middle click. I use this heavily for opening tabs. Comand-Click works though.


On the whole an interesting piece of machinery and I may install a *nix distro on it one of these days.


Edit: Moved one of the positives to negatives as it was in the wrong place.