Never Forget Your Cloak

The core rule of flying a Covert Ops is pretty limited and simple in practice.

  1. Never fly without an active cloak

Or more specifically for this occurrence.

  1. Never warp to 0
  2. Never let anything get within 2,000m of you.

Tonight I failed at both and lost my Buzzard. I had probed down a Wormhole and warped to 0 at it knowing that it would put me about 8,000m off the wormhole and in position to cloak. What I then forgot to do was move away. While focusing on probing down all the other Cosmic Sigs in the system my first notice that I had been decloaked was the sound of artilleries pounding at my shields. 30 secs later it was over and I was high tailing it back to safety in my pod.

That was a stupid mistake that should never have happend and I gave a pilot a free kill. Simple lessons need to be reinforced every now and then even if they should never have been forgotten in the first place.