Health, Voting, and Corruption.

Green Party Health Policy

One of the things that has made me wary of putting strong support for the Greens has always been their policy on science related topics. Whilst the Genetic Engineering one is well known their health policy was one full of anti vaccination and alt med. This was a direct result of the previous Green Party health spokesperson Sue Bradford. Since then Kevin Hague has overseen a change to this policy. The author of HonestUniverse recently got in contact with Kevin Hague to see just what sorts of support for alt med the Green Party has as part of their current health policy. A very interesting read it demostrates an interesting change in how the Green Party has changed.

Advance voting statistics

An interesting change in this election to previous elections has been just how hard all the parties have been pushing early voting. During the week the Electoral Commission tweeted a link to this page where they are tallying the number of votes per day but also compare it against the early voting period of the past two elections. The Electoral Commission does state they will update this everyday but as of this writing it seems to be every weekday. So far the uptake of early voting is already nearly 3 times compared to the same time last election. However I will find it interesting to see if this is people who do not usually vote or is it just people who usually vote on election day getting in early.

Judith Collins' office made haste on OIA

Even though Judith Collins jumped before she was pushed there are still details coming to light on the selected fast tracking of OIA requests. It does seem to be that the only OIA requests to be delivered in a reasonable time or even extremely fast time are those that covered topics that would embarass those she disliked such as the head of the SFO at the time. It will be interesting to see just what the results of all the investigations are after the election and to see just what happens to Judith Collins.